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45 m 2020 Nordhavn 148

The N148 will be groundbreaking, even by Nordhavn measures. The first metal yacht in the history of the Nordhavn product line, this design pushes the brand to go beyond prior engineering feats and wil

37 m 2020 Nordhavn 120

A vision of optimum design, advanced engineering and spacious, luxurious life onboard, the Nordhavn 120 beckons those who consider the world their playground and the ocean, a home. Beautiful

37 m 2014 Nordhavn 120

Designed and engineered to easily cross oceans while keeping her owner and crew safe and comfortable, ″MY AURORA″ is the perfect blend of style and sea worthiness! Safety is a priority in

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
US$13,500,000 *
30 m 2018 Nordhavn 100

Gorgeous Nordhavn 100 new to the market. The owner is currently designing a larger Nordhavn. Full specifications available upon request.

Panama City, Panama
US$11,000,000 *
29 m 2020 Nordhavn 96

Imagine having access to the luxuries of a 100-foot boat at a smaller boat investment. With the Nordhavn 96 it’s possible: using the already enormous N86 hull as a jumping off point, the amplifi

27 m 2012 Nordhavn 86

The beautiful Nordhavn 86 ‘Zembra’ returns to the brokerage market after two years of cruising from the US to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. The current owners are preparing for th

Preveza Marina, Greece
US$5,850,000 *
26 m 2010 Nordhavn 86

Maintained to the highest standards Turn key condition with private use only Expedition style vessel 4,000 nautical mile range Hydraulic TRAC 370 digital stabilisers 4-cabin arrangement for 8 gue

Antibes, France
US$5,750,000 *
26 m 2010 Nordhavn 86

‘Aroha’, Nordhavn 86/07 is simply stunning inside and out. The interior has been designed and maintained to the highest standard with the owner exclusively using her for private use. This

Ile Tromelin, France
US$5,750,000 *
26 m 2020 Nordhavn 86

The Nordhavn 86 is designed for customization, and most owners elect to engage professional interior designers. Some suggest alterations to layout, but all use furnishings, textures and colors to impr

24 m 2020 Nordhavn 80

The N80 was born out of the demand for a boat that bridged the gap between the Nordhavn 76 and the Nordhavn 86. This yacht will be powered by twin 375 hp John Deere engines, will have 4 staterooms and

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