2019 Boating Safety Checks: Plan to have fun

Whether you are experienced in boating or just a newcomer, it’s pivotal to think about safety as much as possible. Which is why you should always double check for any possible problems and ensure that your safety equipment is there and ready to use. With that in mind, here are some great tips to help you avoid any issues.

Check the flares and fire extinguishers

Your fire extinguishers need to be on board. Depending on the boat size, you might be ok with 2 or even 5. Also, you should make sure that the flares are in working condition. Flares require replacement every 36 months, double check the expiration date on them. The last thing you want is to go with expired flares, as that will not end well.

EPIRB and PLB testing

EPIRBs and PLBs need re-registration every 2 years. It’s important to double check and make sure that you test every safety devices, these included. You need to have them in working order, so a dedicated test every 2 years is a really good idea.

Check the horn

It might not seem like much, but the horn is very important because it can help you signal for help. The horn should be Coast-Guard approved. Test it out from time to time even if you don’t need it. This way you can be sure it works super well.

Buy new life jackets/inspect the old ones

The life jackets are a crucial piece of safety equipment for any boat. If you want to use the old ones, make sure that they work properly and they don’t have any holes or issues. Alternatively you can buy some new ones with adjacent features. It’s crucial to think about any possible problems that might arise, as that will keep you safe. And buying new life jackets is a very good idea.

General boat examination

Your boat needs to be fully examined to ensure that there are no holes, propeller issues or anything that might interfere with its functionality. The general boat condition has to be inspected every few months, even more often if you go boating daily or weekly.

See if there’s any oil in the bilge, if the barriers are working properly or if they need replacement. Checking the flame arrestors and ventilation is also extremely important. Don’t hesitate to check the anchor and line too, and also ensure that the registration is up to date. Navigation lights are a must, if you can acquire some replacements, then you should totally do that.

In the end it’s very important to perform all kinds of safety checks before you go boating. You don’t really know what can happen when you go boating, which is why you need to have patience. Take your time, avoid rushing and adapt to the process in a meaningful way. It’s definitely going to help you a lot, so do that and the outcome will be extremely impressive in the end! Safety is crucial for any boating experience, try to double check everything and you will be just fine!